Secret Sales

Dis­crete real estate brokerage

Premium Properties without publicity

Are you looking for a suitable investor for your property.…off- market?

Bene­fit from our excel­lent net­work of relia­ble and poten­ti­al inves­tors, which has grown over decades.

In the past few years, more and more pro­per­ties have chan­ged hands and this has been done out of the public eye.

We would be plea­sed to inform you which pro­per­ties our inves­tors are curr­ent­ly actively see­king. We main­tain our careful­ly com­pi­led inven­to­ry on the pre­mi­se of a meaningful requi­re­ment profile.

In many cases a pro­per­ty sale is desi­red, but for a varie­ty of reasons it should be hand­led as dis­creet­ly as pos­si­ble. We offer pro­per­ty sel­lers a spe­cial ser­vice for this.

Do you want your pro­per­ty to be mar­ke­ted as dis­creet­ly as pos­si­ble? Then we can take care of this for you with our spe­cial Secret Sale Ser­vice. It goes wit­hout say­ing that your pro­per­ty will not be pre­sen­ted online or in dai­ly news­pa­pers. Fur­ther­mo­re, it is part of our spe­cial ser­vice that we only pre­sent your pro­per­ty to spe­ci­al­ly sel­ec­ted and scree­ned clients.

We will glad­ly inform you about fur­ther details. We look for­ward to hea­ring from you.