What is the value of your property?

Real estate valuation

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A pro­per­ty is valued as part of a com­pa­ri­son or app­rai­sal. The aim is to deter­mi­ne the cur­rent mar­ket value — this in advan­ce of a plan­ned or to deter­mi­ne the insu­rance value.

The divi­si­on of assets in the event of inhe­ri­tance or divorce is also a fre­quent reason for an assess­ment of real estate.

Due to our many years of expe­ri­ence and on-site pre­sence, we are fami­li­ar with the local mar­ket and we always keep an eye on cur­rent chan­ges. In par­ti­cu­lar, taking into account the local con­di­ti­ons or under the pre­mi­se of future trends and deve­lo­p­ments, we crea­te well-foun­ded ana­ly­zes, which of cour­se flow into the valua­ti­on of your pro­per­ty. We crea­te a pro­fes­sio­nal and com­pre­hen­si­ve real estate valua­ti­on , which objec­tively asses­ses the value of the pro­per­ty to be sold and appro­pria­te­ly takes into account the increase in value.

The bene­fits are obvious: if you don’t know the rea­li­sti­cal­ly achie­va­ble sales pri­ce of your pro­per­ty, you run the risk of sel­ling past the cur­rent mar­ket value.

We crea­te a well-foun­ded ana­ly­sis for your pro­per­ty valua­ti­on for you.